Tuning Nissan GTR

Stage 1 consists of an individual reprogramming of the engine management system of the vehicle, whereby the adjustment of the engine parameters (ignition, injection, …) is customly done. All values of the motor parameters at this stage remain within the safety standards prescribed by the manufacturer. This stage 1 is 100% reliable, in short, more driving pleasure without worries!

For those who want a little more than Stage 1, we have Stage 1+ and Stage 2 which consists of optimising a number of elements around the engine to increase its efficiency. Primarily this is about intakes, exhaust system and fueling. By mounting this kind of upgrades, more airflow, exhaustflow and fuel is allowed. So we get big power gains while keeping at 100% the reliability of the engine.

At Stage 3 we go a step further, we are going to replace the internal or vital parts of the engine or turbocharger, this can go from increasing the cylinder capacity, placing sport camshafts, to the installation of larger turbochargers.