Racing Competitions

16/01/2001 - 10/10/2004: Regional Karting Pilot

Team GRG, Brescia (Italy)

Triveneto 3rd place

Classification for European Championship

04/01/2005 - 17/11/2005: Pilot Formula Renault Junior 1600

PSR Motosport, Perugia (Italy)

1st and 2nd place Misano

3rd place Monza

3rd place Mugello

4 Pole-positions

01/01/2006 - 10/11/2007: Pilot Champoionship Formula 3 - Italia

Team Corbetta Competizioni, Como (Italy)

Championship 2006

4th place Adria

3rd and 4th place Imola

2nd and 5th place Mugello

2nd place Misano

Pole-position Vallelunga

Championship 2007

1st place Vallelunga

2nd place Misano

1st place Mugello (race 1)

1st place Mugello (race 2)

Pole-position Misano

04/01/2008 - 05/11/2008: Pilot Championship Formula 3000 Euro Series

Team GP Racing, Padova (Italy)

1st Muggello racing-track (winning debut in the category)

4th Muggello racing-track

3rd Misano racing-track

3rd Jerez de la Frontera racing-track

2nd Barcellona racing-track

1st in Magione race 1 30th November

1st in Magione race 2 30th November

Team Durango 2 days of testing GP2 Series 2007

Team Fisichella Motorsport 2 days of testing GP2 Series year 2008

Team DPR 1 day of testing GP2 Series 12/11/08

05/01/2009 - 22/11/2009: Pilot Championship Euroseries 3000

Team GP Racing, Padova (Italy)

Portimao, Portugal 3rd Class.

Portimao, Portugal 3rd Class.

Magny Cours, France 2nd Class.

Zolder, Belgium 5th Class.

Zolder, Belgium 3rd Class.

Valencia, Spain 3rd Class.

Valencia, Spain 3rd Class.

Vallelunga, Italy 4th Class.

Vallelunga, Italy 5th Class.

Monza, Italy 4th Class

02/01/2008 - 20/11/2009: Pilot Championship GP2 Asia

Team Ocean Racing of Tiago Monteiro, Lisbona (Portugal)

Debut ranking in top 10

01/01/2010 - 13/11/2010: Pilot Championship GP2 main series - Auto GP

Team DPR, Padova (Italy)


Belgian Grand Prix, Spa Francorshamps race 1 – RIT. (10th time in qualifying debut)

Belgian Grand Prix, Spa Francorshamps race 2 – 14th class.

Italian Grand Prix, Monza race 1 – 10th class. (paying for a drive through)

Italian Grand Prix, Monza race 2 – 14th class

02/01/2011 - 09/11/2011: Pilot AutoGP

Team Lazarus, Padova (Italy)


Qualifications: P2

Race 1: withdrawn because of race contact

Race 2: started P14, 9th class.


Qualifications: P8

Race 1: 7th class.

Race 2: started P2, withdrawn because of race contact


Qualifications: P4

Race 1: 2nd class.

Race 2: started P7, 2nd class.


Qualifications: P6

Race 1: 3rd class.

Race 2: started P6, 3rd class.


Qualifications: P1

Race 1: collided at the first corner

Race 2: started P13, 9th class.


Qualifications: P7

Race 1: 4th class.

Race 2: 5th class.


Qualifications Group A: P8

Race 1: 7th class.

Race 2: 3rd class.

01/01/2012 - 08/11/2012: Pilot GP2 Series

Venezuela GP Lazarus, Padova (Italy)

Gp2 Series debut

SILVERSTONE racing-track, Great Britain race 1 – 11th place

SEPANG, MALAYSIA race 1 – 10th place

BARCELONA, SPAIN race 2 – 10th place

From 05/01/2014 Up to the present:

Top Tuning of Fabrizio Crestani, Treviso (Italy)

Specialist in processing and mappings of electronic engine control units.

Technician specialised to the analysis of cars and motorbikes.

04/01/2015 - 16/11/2015: Pilot Championship Lamborghini Super League

Team Lazarus, Padova (Italy)

2nd place up to the second-last race, finished 4th place

Race 1 – 2nd place Monza

Race 2 – 4th place Monza

Race 1 – 3rd place Silverstone

Race 2 – 3rd place Silverstone

Race 2 – 3rd place Paul Ricard

From 03/01/2016 up to the present: International GT OPEN

Orange Team Lazarus, Padova (Italy)

Current championship, at present 1st place

3 Podiums, within one 1st place at track Paul Richard