Race 1: 3rd place

Race 2: 3rd place


Race 1: 8th place

Race 2: 5th place


Race 1: 5th place

Race 2: 1st place


Race 1: 2nd place

Race 2: 4th place


Race 1: 7th place

Race 2: 2nd place


Race 1: 2nd place

Race 2: 3rd place


Race 1:

Race 2:

International GT OPEN

Ten years of Gran Turismo at the top

It is one of the many international challenges of Gran Turismo. The International GT Open is a series of car races for GT2 and GT3 categories. The specialty of Spanish origin, was born in 2006 by Jesús Pareja, ex driver of the sector Sport Prototypes, with almost the same rules of the national championship, but it is open to competitors outside the Iberian peninsula too, as the name suggests. With the second and next years, the races were extended to prestigious European circuits.

The races are spread out over two rounds and had different time and ways from origin to today: from 200 km each in 2006, arrived to a first race of 200 km and a second of 150 km in 2007, then a run of 65 minutes and another 45 minutes in 2008, and finally a run of 70 minutes and the second 60 minutes from the season 2009. Except for the inaugural race, the first and longest running is called “PRO AM” and the second “Open”. From the 2011 season, most of the Ferrari F430 have been replaced with the latest 458 Italia, but the championship was also attended by the most exotic and rare models of various brands.

International GT Open immediately enjoyed interest from the public and major European teams, with the participation of big manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mosler, Viper, Ascari, Ford, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Corvette, Lotus, McLaren, Mercedes AMG, Jaguar, Audi , BMW, Nissan, Radical and Maserati. The championship regulations were established in order to reduce and contain costs, but ensuring stable rules, an excellent TV coverage, premium location for appointments and controlled investments. The 2015 calendar (anniversary of 10 championships) of the International GT Open established 7 rounds with free admission for 14 races.

The weekend program is structured to allow runners to spend much time as possible behind the wheel: Friday, practice; Saturday, two qualifying sessions to determine the starting order of the races and in the afternoon the first race of the weekend with a duration of 70 minutes; the second race takes place on Sunday with a mileage “limited” to an hour.

International GT Open, which is the first championship to adopt a handicap system time to high-performance vehicles, instead of the one based on complex and expensive technical measures, and it is a real success in the pipeline. Here some numbers: 7 countries visited; 18 manufacturers, officially or privately represented; TV coverage in 5 continents, including 109 countries live broadcast and 123 nations delayed broadcast; more than 2,500 hours of TV broadcasts around the world; 250,000 articles in general press and specialist publications; 18.5 million visits on web site; a commercial value of the brand and the product of over 60 million euro.