Biographical Notes


He was born in Treviso on 17th December 1987. Since he was a child his toys have always been model cars and he spent whole days to simulate races and circuits.

As a child immediately proved a particular propensity for everything that is “fast”: very fast by bike, very fast on skis.

In 1999 he spent summer in Jesolo with his family and accidentally discovered “Pista Azzurra”: Goodbye sea! All his days spent on Kart.

Fabrizio Costantini, a professional Kart frame builder, met this child that wanted to try a true professional Kart.

Mr Costantini decided to please the boy who demostrated skills in fast acceleration, recording from the very first tests, race times.

After some months of preparation Fabrizio ran his first race in a regional competition getting a nice 3rd place: from “Pista Azzurra” he began the climb and the passion for speed grew ever stronger becoming his reason for living.